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Anti-Abortion Video Release Blocked


A federal judge has denied an effort by anti-abortionists to release secret videos made of abortion providers, noting claims that the abortion groups were illegally selling fetal tissue was baseless. U.S. District Judge William Orrick Friday rejected the contention that the Center…

You Got the Wrong Guy

Los Angeles County Sheriff's patch

The Los Angeles County Sheriff must face a civil rights trial on claims that deputies wrongly jailed a man in 2012 based on a 1994 felony warrant even though his fingerprints didn’t match and he was a different height and weight.…

Court Oks Presidio Lodge Plan


The Presidio Trust won appellate court approval of its plan to build 70,000 square feet of new hotel “lodge” space, in the old parade ground area at the heart of the historic Presidio, despite environmental and historic preservationist objections. The…